Scouts Expedition 2019

Back in June, six Scouts spent a whole weekend on an expedition taking them from Rotherham to Hesley Wood on the Saturday, and Hesley Wood to Hoober Stand on Sunday (around 15 miles in total).

The Scouts were equipped with everything they’d need for one night in a heavy rucksack (sleeping bag, clothes, blankets and all), a compass, and a map.

With waypoints in mind, the Scouts worked together to achieve their goal, taking it turns to lead the group in the rain.

When they arrived at Hesley Wood, they were tasked with setting up camp, collecting wood for a campfire, and cooking their own food for the group.

Dobby, Stoker, Hagrid and Bosun were around to provide support – but the Scouts were autonomous and did most of the hard work on their own.

Part of the requirements for the Expedition Challenge Award is to write a report about their experience, outlining what they did to complete the expedition, and what they’d learned.

We also got together at the Queens Hotel over lunch over the Summer Holidays to write an article for Rotherham Scouts.

We’re very proud of our Scouts for undertaking this challenge and we’re looking forward to the next Expedition in 2020.

Approximately 11 miles from McDonalds in Rotherham Central to Hesley Wood

Approximately 4 miles from Hesley Wood to Hoober Stand

Expedition Challenge Award

This award is presented to Scouts who take part in either an expedition or an exploration over two days with at least three other Scouts, consisting of specific and challenging requirements for the Scouts to undertake.

Further info about the award can be found here.

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